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The Differences between Jamestown vs. Plymouth Jamestown and Plymouth were both founded by early European settlers that wanted to find a new land in which they could gain personal benefits, although each of the two groups had similar goals and their entire foundation of being in the new land was completely different. The settlers from both colonies were very similar in their way of living but a few differences such as reasons for colonization, religious differences, and relations with the Indians set them apart. Economic motivation is what inclined the English to colonize in Virginia. Queen Elizabeth I provided a patent to Walter Raleigh, leading to the organization of the move to Virginia. The first try in Virginia was the Roanoke colony, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that jamestown and plymouth were both founded by early european settlers that wanted to find a new land in which they could gain personal benefits.
  • Explains that economic motivation led the english to colonize virginia. the virginia company of london was formed after the roanoke colony failed.
  • Explains that the colonies of jamestown and plymouth were very religious. they were members of the anglican church, while the pilgrims were dissenters from the church.
  • Compares the relationship between the settlers and the indians in jamestown and plymouth.
  • Explains that the two colonies were completely different on the topic of how they sought out to colonize in the new land, why they practiced the religion they chose, and their relations with the native americans.

In Jamestown, the settlers had to deal with the Powhatan Indians. The relationships with them were unstable. John Smith, whom was the leader of Jamestown, was captured by these Indians while he was on a little trip with some of his men. As he left two of his men, he came back to find them dead and himself surrounded by two hundred members of the tribe, finding himself being captured. “Six or seven weeks those barbarians kept him prisoner…” 87). After this event, the relationship only grew worse and there was constant fighting between the settlers and Indians. The Indians practiced many methods in capturing settlers such as “scalping” and other dreadful techniques. The settlers did many negative practices also which is the reason they fought so many wars and battles against each other. Later on, the Indians killed the English for their weapons that were rare to them. In contrast to the Plymouth colony, these settlers dealt with the Pequot Indians and the relations were much more peaceful for a certain time frame. At one point, one Indian was brave enough to approach them and spoke to them (in broken English). He taught them the ways of the land, and developed a peace with the man. The settlers from the Plymouth colony learned many ways to grow food from these Indians. “He directed them how to set their corn, where to take fish and to procure other commodities, and was also their …show more content…

Riches and materialistic things drew many people into the new land, but other people, like the settlers of Plymouth, were not drawn by materialistic riches, but by the riches of their religious faith and the freedom to practice what they wanted. Both colonies had many difficulties throughout their stay. Each settlement took their own approach at how to deal with things and how to overcome their own obstacles. They each saw their own way of finding space and because of that, both colonies were completely different because they each found a way to accomplish their goal and fulfill their

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