The Corporate Strategy Of The Walt Disney Company

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Upon evaluating The Walt Disney Company, our specialized team comprised of financial, marketing and operations managers have determined based on the current strategy a few recommendations and performance upgrades the corporation may want to consider. Based on previous financial statements and future projections, we advise that the steps provided in this report be used to improve Disney’s prospective performance and strategy. In accordance with our steps we have included several exhibits to assist with our prognosis of Disney. Our team has identified how Disney revolves around a corporate strategy of diversification. Disney has profitably diversified themselves from their competition using a plethora of business units which consist of their…show more content…
Both components enable the company to achieve sustainability through diversification of product offerings.  Primary Components: o Offer diversity within each business unit through acquisitions and expansion while at the same time create an exuberant experience for the entire family to enjoy.  Secondary…show more content…
Together with ABC Family and ESPN, the media network has been able to offer distinct, local news across domestic and international cable networks. Parks and resorts have expanded across the world and continue to maintain the brand loyalty Disney so ever craves. Studio Entertainment has allowed Disney to expand into motion pictures, home entertainment and live performances to bring the excitement to customers. Consumer products are constantly being offered across the world in department stores, malls and shopping centers. Each one of the above business units represent an incredible strategic fit mainly because all contribute a substantial amount of revenue toward the company and have a unique way of maintaining customer loyalty. On the other hand, interactive media has failed to reach revenue goals due to the invention of smartphones. This is not considered a strategic fit due to its inability to adapt to consumer trends and remain relevant with the world’s innovations. For additional references please refer to pages 7 – 8 in Exhibit 1: Disney Value Chain Analysis which provides the structure and explanation of how the primary and secondary components function. When discussing the context of the strategy, out team developed and examined a SWOT Analysis as shown on page 9 in Exhibit 2: Disney Company SWOT Analysis. From

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