Walt Disney Company: Mass Media Conglomerate

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The Walt Disney Company is an American diversified multinational mass media corporation which is the largest media conglomerate in terms of revenue. It is present in five major industries - media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive. According to the 2013 Fortune 500 list, The Walt Disney Company is the largest media conglomerate in terms of revenue in the United States, and it is followed by the News Corp, Time Warner, CBS and Viacom. (Fortune 500, 2013)

Disney has a rich history and an even brighter future due to the smart decision making of the managing body. Throughout its history Disney has been heavily involved in acquisitions, keeping up with the industry trends and even starting new ones through its parks and resorts segments.

Most of the revenue of 2013 has been brought by the Media Networks and Parks and Resort segments, bringing in 20.36 and 14.09 billion USD respectively. The other three segments, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive have brought 5.98, 3.86 and 1.06 billion USD respectively.

Through the ratio analysis, we can conclude that Disney is a stable company, keeping up with industry trends and up to par with industry averages. Although at times it can seem that Disney is a risky and unstable company, those conclusions are false since the unstableness has come through decisions which will better establish Disney’s position on the market. Although Disney’s competition, namely CBS, is on a similar standing as Disney when comparing ratios, Disney will manage to remain the largest media conglomerate in the USA and one of the best corporations in the world.

2. Industry Overview – Media Conglomerate

The Walt Disney Company is an American di...

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...s. The primary operating businesses of Interactive are Interactive Games, which produces multi-platform games for global distribution, and Interactive Media, which develops branded online services. (10-K Form, 2013)

3.1.5 Market Share and Recent Trends

The Walt Disney Company, or more commonly known as Disney, is an American corporation headquartered in the Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, California. Disney (DIS) is the largest operator of theme parks and resorts and largest media conglomerate, reported total revenue of $11.58 billion, a 4% raise from the previous year in its third-quarter results. Most of its revenue is generated from the media network segment and the park and resort segment. Disney's strategies mainly focus on generating the best creative content possible along with innovation and utilizing the latest technology. (, 2014)
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