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When testing if a corporate strategy is leading the company to success, there are techniques that can be used to project data collected from the company. Long term attractiveness, competitive strength, and the nine cell industry attractiveness/business strength matrix are used to highlight strategic positions of each business in a diversified company. The industry attractiveness gages the prospects for long-term performance. Competitive strength measures how strong the units are positioned in a business in their industry. Lastly, the nine cell industry attractiveness/business strength matrix merges information on attractiveness and competitiveness to show where in the industry does a unit fit when it comes to long-term success. Walt Disney…show more content…
Media network is first with a score of 8.35, because again this unit contributes a great deal to relative market share, costs relative to competitors’ costs, ability to benefit from strategic fit with sister businesses, brand image and reputation, competitively valuable capabilities, and profitability relative to competitors. All is achieved through the exploitation of IP. They are connected to many huge networks and have acquired major comic book characters as well. Park and resort score a 7.15. They contribute to the competitively valuable capabilities. With the recent addition of two ships and having resorts/parks in Orlando, California, Hawaii, and a Disney Vacation Club; Disney sets themselves apart by having unique attractions that make consumers come back for more morning and night. They get so much traffic some people were rejected from their resorts and parks. Also, 90% of their cruise is booked each year. Tied, are studio and consumer product at 6.7. The consumer product is average across the board, but studio takes control of the ability to benefit from strategic fit with sibling businesses, brand image and reputation, and competitively valuable capabilities. Disney is versatile in the amount they can release a certain Pixar, Disney, or Marvel movie. The…show more content…
It allows opportunities to combine the performance of certain activities, thereby reducing costs and capturing economies of scope. This is done by acquiring IP that is underexploited or unused by the owner. They have opportunities to transfer their skills, technology, or intellectual capital from on business to another. This is yet again done through media networks, parks and resorts, and also their studio entertainment. All of which allow them to go globally. Along with the opportunity to transfer skills and technology, they can use their brand name across multiple product or service categories. This is seen in the multiple IP networks, studio entertainment, multiple resorts and parks that are all around the world, and lastly, in their consumer products that were ranked number one in 2011 for being the largest licensor of character-based merchandise in the world. Value chain match-ups seen in primary activities are inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, the marketing/sales, and service. All lead to support activities such as technology, human resources, and general administration. Opportunities for skills transfer is seen in the media networks, parks and resorts,studio entertainment, and consumer products. Disney Company can share iconic Marvel characters in their parks/resorts, movies, and consumer products, due to buying the IP to Marvel and it does not stop at just Marvel ABC and ESPN are also involved.

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