Disney Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Mix When it comes to marketing in business, there are rules to follow. One of the biggest rules is the four Ps of marketing. The four Ps of marketing are as follows; product, price, place, and promotion. The four Ps are crucial to having a good marketing scheme for a product. The Walt Disney Company have become very good at marketing over the years. Part of the reason for this is their amazing ability to use the four Ps. Product, as one of the four Ps it is very important in marketing situations. Figuring out what products a company wants to sell is crucial to making a profit, Disney has three main products that it sells. Although Disney has only three main, there are plenty more products that they sell. Disney’s three main products are movies, toys, and their amusement parks placed all over the world. After a company decides on its product(s), it has to think how it will price said product(s). Disney goes about pricing for all of its products in different ways. For instance, Disney’s amusement park tickets are cheaper during times of the year that it is the least busy and the tickets prices rise during sessions that the parks are busiest ("Your Ticket"). However, Disney’s biggest competitor, Universal Studios, goes about things in a very different way. Universal Studios tickets cost the same no matter …show more content…

Any cartoon, animation, park, or product with Disney’s name attracted to it will automatically increase the popularity of that product. Brand recognition is extremely important to creating a long term company and returning customers. Even though Disney just started out creating animations and movies, they were able to find success in theme parks, cruises and many other areas because of their brand name. Having a reputation can have negative consequences, creating subpar products will impact the brand name, and that is why the quality of Disney’s products is essential to keeping a strong brand

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