The Consequences Of The Munich Massacre: What Causes?

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The Munich Massacre (5th – 6th September 1972), a planned terrorist attack happening against the backdrop of the Summer Olympics, was a key statement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that carries on to this day. The attack began when eight Palestinian terrorists killed two members of the Israeli Olympic team before taking a further nine hostage. All of the captives were killed along with five Black September members during a large fire fight. Following the massacre, the Israeli government organized retaliation, codename: Operation Wrath of God. The legacy is reflected by the large number of retaliatory deaths, overall effect upon the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the significant development of Counter terrorist agencies around the world. In retaliation, a wave of assassinations began across Europe. Zvi Zamir, the Mossad chief, described the missions as "a prevention of future threats in Europe” (Geraghty, 2001, P.196). General Aharon Yariv felt that Israel had to pursue justice. “It’s not something we’re proud of. We did it out of sheer necessity. An eye for an eye” (Johnson,...

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