Controversy In The Berlin Olympics

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The controversy in Berlin Olympic Games was that the some of the Jews excluded from the Olympic team were actually world class athletes. The athletes left Germany, along with other Jewish athletes, to resume their sports careers abroad.The Nazis also disqualified Gypsies.The Olympics were intended to be an exercise in goodwill among all nations emphasizing racial equality in the area of sports competition. But the Nazis thought that only the Aryans should participate in the Olympics games to represent Germany.Then after that controversy then the committee of the Games wanted to move the Olympic Games to another country.This was because usually the U.S. got the most medals because they sent the most athletes. Munich The controversy in the Munich Olympic games was that there was a terrorist attack.During the Munich Games,security guards ignored what they thought were maintance works, but the eight men in warm-up suits were members of Black September, a terrorist group linked to the Palestine Liberation Organization. They entered the suite of the Israeli quarters in the Olympic Village and killed a coach and weight lifter and then took nine other Israelis hostage.The terrorists demanded the release of 200 Arabs from Israeli prisons and a…show more content…
In 2010 after the International Gymnastics Federation determined that gymnast Don Fangxiao had falsified her age to 14, this is an example that China has been entering younger athletes in the Games. Using younger, but world-class, gymnasts is an advantage because their small bodies in earlier stages of puberty can pull off bigger tricks in the air. The U.S. has tried to prove that the chinese gymnasts are younger then they say but the paperwork to prove anything has been changed to expertly for anything to be proven. The U.S. even had former world star athletes look at China's gymnasts and they agree that they look way younger then they

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