History Of The Munich Massacre

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The Munich Massacre was executed by a group of Palestinian terrorists, who were able to infiltrate the Olympic village and take nine hostages. Several counter-terrorism organizations and operations were a result of the attack on the 1972 Munich Summer Olympic Games. The group responsible for the Munich massacre was a team of eight individuals, part of a terrorist group known as the Black September Organization, a.k.a. BSO. The BSO began as a small group of Fatah members enraged by the king of Jordan, King Hussein. King Hussein was responsible for killing thousands of Palestinians and the forced removal of countless others from their homes in Ikrit and Biram, Palestinian villages in Jordan. Rapid growth of the BSO was a result of members being recruited from other organizations, such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the As-Sa’iqa, a Palestinian military group directed by Syria.
Leadership of the BSO was believed to be in the hands of Yasser Arafat during the time of the Munich Massacre, however, Patrick Seale, in his book Abu Nidal: A Gun for Hire, wrote, “The Black September was never officially authorized by the Fatah, nor was it a structured organization at Arafat’s command. It was more of a kind of mutiny within Fatah. A protest by disgruntled fighters at what they considered the blunders and passivity of their leaders” (Seale). Many of the BSO members were part of a younger generation, being very opinionated and strong minded. These young terrorist didn’t fully understand the consequences of their actions and many times acted out without the authorization of direct leadership. The BSO was later exploited by a former PLO/BSO member Abu Daoud. Daoud explains that the BSO was used as an alias by the ...

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...ir tracks to prevent any evidence of the assassination that could link that it back to Committee X.
The development of Committee X was just one of many counter-terrorism associations that were formed as a result of the Munich Massacre. Reasoning behind the counter-terrorism teams was not always intended as revenge, but as a scare tactic to prevent further incidents. Palestine was put on the world’s stage due to the massive amounts of media covering the events at the Olympic Games. The attack was easily executed due to the lack of security that Germany had provided for the events. Following the Munich Massacre, the Olympic Games have had a substantial increase in quality and numbers of staffed security. This increase along with the anti/counter-terrorism associations have and will hopefully continue to prevent incidents like the Munich Massacre from ever repeating.

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