History Of The 1972 Munich Olympics

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The 1972 Olympics were held in the summer in city of Munich, Germany. Munich is a city in the Southern region of what was then West Germany. They were “The Games of Peace and Joy” and they were going to be the biggest and most expensive Olympic Games ever. The Olympic Games in Munich were supposed to have more athletes representing more countries than at any previous sporting event. During the 1972 Munich Olympics, 10,490 athletes were present. Bavarian officials hoped that the 1972 Munich Olympics would confirm Germany’s rehabilitation as a civilized society. Germany was trying to expunge memories of the Second World War and the infamous 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. At the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, the German dictator Adolf Hitler had recently risen to power. Hitler tried to use the Olympics to showcase his belief that German whites were a superior people. There was no greater confirmation of Germany’s rehabilitation than the presence at the games of a delegation from Israel. Many of the families of the Israeli Olympic Athletes had been victims of German Dictator Adolf Hitler. The organizers of the 1972 Munich Olympics worked hard in order to not remind the world of what the Nazis had done. The organizers even refused to let security guards carry weapons, because they were worried that they would invoke memories of the heavily armed Nazi soldiers. They invited massed ranks of the media, a greater concentration than ever before to witness the festival of sport and the redevelopment of West Germany. At least four thousand newspaper, magazine, and radio journalists travelled to the Bavarian capital along with another two thousand television journalists, announcers, and crews. They had a television audience of nearly one billio... ... middle of paper ... ...they shot at the other helicopter at close range. This violence was unnecessary because the terrorists knew that they were going to be killed or captured anyway. This was just a way to cause more people pain and hurt, just like a terrorist group would do. The group of men that took hostage members of the Israeli team, and eventually killed nine members of the Israeli Olympic team were terrorists that wanted to free political prisoners that were held in Israel. The leader of the terrorists said that he cared about “neither money nor lives”, and the terrorists killed two unarmed members of the Israeli Olympic team. Also, once the terrorists were cornered and they knew that they were going to be captured, they blew up the helicopter with some of the hostages inside. Then they proceeded to open fire on the other helicopter that contained the rest of the hostages inside.

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