The Conflict Between Science and Religion

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Conflict between science and religion has been around way before Charles Darwin’s published book, Origin of the Species, came to be (“The Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design Controversy”). Which is a book that is considered to be the foundation of evolutionary biology, featuring the idea of ‘natural selection.’ Some people believe that we as humans have evolved as the most intelligent and advanced species on the planet, while others think we have been placed here and designed for a reason. Many debates and court cases have come to be because of these two ideas of science versus religion. Although there are many debates between the two, the ideas overturn when the parties overlook the distinction between that which cannot be proven (faith), compared with that which has not been proven (theory) (Lipman, Robert M.). Theories, including evolution, can and should be investigated with appropriate scientific diligence (Lipman, Robert M.).
One side of these debates is Creationism, the theory that God created man during the creation of the universe. The second side is Evolution, which is the theory projected by scientists to explain the origin of species. Since both theories can’t be proven either right or wrong, one must decide either religion or science.
Creationism is the literal meaning of the bible. This idea is supported mainly by religions. It is the idea that God created the universe in just six days (“Creationism”). The information to support creationism comes from the Bible. However, the Bible is not a science book, but some consider it to be scientifically correct. In the first book of the Genesis, information is stated about the creation of the universe and how the physical events occurred. While in the second book of Genesis, information is stated about the creation of humans and other details. “No experiment shows a species changing into another through production of new useful DNA, only through modifications of existing DNA,” (Lipman, Robert M.). Also, the idea of Creationism threatens the idea of church and state.
Evolution on the other hand is a theory that is strictly based on the scientific evidence and ideas that have been found in the universe. Such as fossils or the ‘evolution’ of DNA. “The process of evolution produces a pattern of relationships between species. As linages evolve and split and modifications are inherited, their evolutionary paths diverge,” (“The Family Tree”).
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