Christianity versus Evolution

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For over a hundred years now a battle has been raging over the origin of the Universe and man. Soldiers of Science have drawn the battle lines with each side using various scientific and non - scientific theories as their weapons.

Who will ultimately win the war depends on who holds the most powerful weapons.

On one side we have the Evolutionists.

On the other side we have the Creationists.

Evolutionists believe in spontaneous generation:

This is the belief that life came from non-living matter.

Creationists believe that life was created by an intelligent supernatural being ( God ).

Evolution: - depends on current scientific theories to show the origin of man and the universe. There is a problem with this: Science is constantly changing. Newer and different theories are always being formed concerning our origin.

When one theory is found to be false, another theory is quickly postulated to cover the first error.

For instance:

1 - Concentric theory - 15th century - taught that sun, planets revolved around the earth.

2 - Phlogiston theory - 17th - 18th century - taught that every substance that burns contained a mysterious ingredient called "Phlogiston". It was later shown to be oxygen.

3 - It was once an accepted scientific fact that mice came from dirty underwear.

Do you dare put your trust in a belief or a theory that is that fickle? You do if you believe in evolution!

The Evolutionists continue to build on shaky, ever shifting ground. Sometimes the ground that they build on is not even there.

As I was sitting in my chair
I knew it had no bottom there
No legs, no back, but I just sat
Ignoring little things like that

Evolution, creation and geology (the study of the physical nature, history, development of the earth)

Man has believed, for most of his existence, that the earth was only a few thousand years old. But a new theory surfaced in the 19th century called "Uniformitarianism". This is the belief that nature can be explained by natural causes.

In other words, the complex structure of life that we have today slowly occurred over a long period of time. This changed the belief that instead of the earth being only a few thousand years old, it is now several billion years old (5) for that is how long it would take for the earth to develop if the theory of Uniformitarianism is true. Evolution was built merely on a supposition, but it was offered as fact; all the while Evolutionists went hunting for proof.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that scientists have drawn the battle lines with each side using various scientific theories as their weapons.
  • Explains that evolution is built upon a supposition - that creation exists by natural causes. they looked to nature to prove it.
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