Religious Conflict

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Today we have many different cultures, societies, and religions spread around the world. Most of these cultures and religion originated in the past, ancient world to us. The religions and cultures were spread through different ways by each country or religion, some used teachings and education, while others used violence and enforcement of religion. Religion in cultures and society is made important, of its effects of teaching morals, values, spirituality, and a guided path of life. At times these different believes can conflict each other, thus creating and causing secularism, intolerance, and discrimination towards other religions and cultures.

Ever since humans formed different societies and countries, conflicts of power and control have centered our politics, but then as the influence of religion grew on individuals many countries gave religious sectors power and influence over the government. This was due to religion's capture of a person's emotional character and the quest to find and follow God's way of life. As the size of population and countries grew, more information was exchanged between different societies and countries. People exchanged values, morals, norms and other factors of living. Throughout history, religions have collided and caused conflicts on disputes over beliefs, norms, and taboos. These conflicts caused intolerance of other religions and culture, thus also leading for people to persecute each other over the belief of being the right religion. Each religion has believed to be the righteous, and the one true religion of god. These believes still have a long lasting effect in our modern day lives. Throughout the world there have been many wars, many were created due to intolerance and secularism of rel...

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...onflict of religion might never end. Each religion is different from the other in many ways, rules and believes conflict each other in many different areas. Even though if the politics and religion were kept separated, less collision between different religions might occur. Religion if used in a healthy way can help individuals and the closed sect itself, however these values, morals and believes are vastly misunderstood and vaguely interpreted, causing religion to defeat itself each time.

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