The Classroom Environment Is Very Important For Students Learning

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This semester I have grown in so many different areas from my professional knowledge to academically challenging environment. I have been given so many opportunities to grow in my knowledge through first hand experiences and learning through advice and guidance from my college professors, supervisor, collaborative teacher, and so many more that I have been surrounded by the past couple of months. One of the areas I believe I have grown the most in is how to create and maintain a positive learning environment. The classroom environment is very important to student learning. The key features of creating a positive learning environment include the physical arrangement of the classroom, discipline and routines, organization of learning activities, level of student’s engagement, use of instructional time, communication of expectations, and a clear sense of mutual care and respect. I have been able to observe and learn from my collaborative teacher and paraprofessional on how to manage a classroom and keep a positive learning environment. I’ve really been able to grow in my understanding of the importance of routine, communication of expectations, organization of learning activities, and giving the clear sense of mutual care and respect with the students. In our kindergarten classroom, we keep our daily routines very similar to allow the students to know what is coming next and know what is expected to reduce chaos and confusion. The students have learned we follow the routine of helpers, calendar, talking circle, snack time, and getting water almost every single morning. If we miss any of these things the students will notice and question why we didn’t do it. I’ve learned how much smoother days will go when we are able to stick to our... ... middle of paper ... ...w much the students love this time, how much they learn about each other, and how it cuts down on random sharing through out the day makes it worth it. I don’t view this time as a waste of instructional time because it is teaching the students how to interact with peers, listen to others when talking, and become more comfortable in their daily environment. Creating a positive learning environment is a crucial factor in the classroom. It really sets the tone for the students, and you want to make sure each student feels comfortable and understands the expectations. When a teacher is able to create a positive learning environment it will enhance the students academic achievement. I have learned so many good ideas on how to create this positive environment, and I know I will only continue to grow in this area, and all of the other areas that the 10 standards address.
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