School Safety: Protecting the Students

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School Safety: Protecting the Students

For many students a positive academic environment is increasingly harder to obtain. This is mainly due to their lack of safety. Whether it be inside the classroom or out.

Unfavorable situations at home, psychological stability, physical dangers and violence all contribute to this evident shortage. There have been investigations on how organizations, teachers and parents collaborate together in today's society to influence the students understanding of safety in school. The purpose of this paper is to display some examples of each aforementioned contribution and show some of the current measures being taken to aid today's students.

Developments within the past decade have opened up new ways for research that can lead to improvements in the life quality of vulnerable students and families. Not only does school violence create a feeling of fear and emotional uneasiness in a school, it also is difficult for the learning process to develop. Situations at home have a big impact on student's safety in school. Examples are a student not speaking up in class for fear of being ridiculed; being called a faggot because of perceptions of a student's sexual orientation; backbiting; verbal teasing and insults; offensive touching such as throws, slaps and pushes; and racial, ethnic, and/or sexist comments that are based on a student's physical appearance?. A lot of the time this is learned and adapted by children from the parents at home. Parents have the most influence on a child, the way the act, talk, or neglect their child. Children are more prone to repeat these emotions and aggressions at recess or just in class with other peers. Communities are also playing big roles in the safety of stude...

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Safety advertisements are being put on the back of school buses for students to see and the main point is to state the procedures that have to be gone through, in order to advertise on buses. The author states why that's important for children's distractions or visibility of pedestrians involved in loading and unloading procedures

Center.Link.(2002, June). School resource officers and school administrators: ?Talking and walking? together to make safer schools, from

The importance of these groups; School Resource Officer (SRO), Community-Oriented Policing Services (COPS), and the groups build up to working together to create guidelines for "best practices advice". Groups discussed issues and offered advice for those who involved about the safety of schools.
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