The Change In America In The 1900's

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The central idea that America has changed over time is developed throughout the two text by showing the different stages that America has passed through. America has changed from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. During that time, America went through many experiences. These experiences were both good and bad. Also, these experiences influenced how the United States changed throughout this time. A period of time, around the year 1842, that changed the United States was Women’s Suffrage. Women’s Suffrage lasted for many years. Women were fighting for the right to vote. Women held “...woman’s rights convention[s]...” to talk about what they were fighting for and to encourage each other (The Barre Daily Times). These conventions were held by leaders of the Women's Suffrage Movement. “During the first 33 years after its introduction into Congress the amendment made practically no progress,” wrote The Barre Daily Times. Although the amendment took a very long time to pass, the women never gave up to make change in America. The changes that the Women’s Suffrage Movement made were very important. Women felt more in power. Mike Kubic informed us that women were “feeling emancipated and [were] rising demand on the labor market….” Women went from housewives to hardworking independent females. …show more content…

People were earning money in many different ways. They didn’t bother to think about how long the good times would last. They spent the money they should have been saving because of wartime shortages (Mike Kubic). More and more people could afford to buy the Model T because it was mass produced which made it cheaper in price. The houses source of light changed “...from coal power to electricity..” like what the world has today (Mike Kubic). America was revised to modernized ideas and methods. The United States went through positive changes for a couple of

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