The Causes Of Apathy Essay: What Is Apathy?

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What is apathy anyway? Apathy is the lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern for what is going on around us. We all experience apathy occasionally when we feel unmotivated in our daily responsibilities. However, this is normal from time to time. Constantly expressing apathy by behaving without feeling is not normal. As a result of people wanting to fit in with others so others will like them, being wasteful, and wanting others to suffer from being hurt, they have caused a growing immense problem. The problem is not only are people being careless and ignorant, but they are expressing widespread apathy. People always seem to worry about what other people conceive about them. Also, many people, especially Americans, are very wasteful. Lastly, people do not seem to care if they cause others to be hurt. First, a cause of apathy is people wanting to fit in around others, so they will do anything they expect will cause them to look favorable to others. People worry about what others think about them and do not want to be laughed at. Therefore, some people have a selfish desire to fit in which dominates over their sense of morality and civic …show more content…

They enjoy watching boxers boxing, where the two fighters are going to sustain injury and in the case of Benny Paret die after sustaining severe injuries. As explained in “Who Killed Benny Paret?” people do not like to put the blame where it needs to be or take the blame if it is their fault. “Don’t blame it on the referee. Don’t even blame it on the fight managers. Put the blame where it belongs - on the prevailing mores that regard prize fighting as a perfectly proper enterprise and vehicle of entertainment. No one doubts that many people enjoy prize fighting and will miss it if it should be thrown out. And that is precisely the point” (Cousins 341). One lesson we should all keep in mind is we should not gain our pleasure from another person’s

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