The Blue Water Bridge

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The bridge we chose to select for our research paper is the Blue Water Bridge. The Blue Water Bridge spreads across the St. Clair River and conducts international traffic between Port Huron, Michigan, and Point Edward and Sarnia, Ontario. According to the Michigan Department of Transportation, “Located near the I-94 and I-69 interchange, the bridge forms a critical gateway linking Canada and the United States”. The Blue Water Bridge consists of tolls and inspection plazas on each side of the border where individuals pay for crossing and communication with inspection offices such as Immigration or Customs. The original Blue Water Bridge opened in 1938 and it was renovated in 1993. This bridge is a three-lane westbound bridge. The second …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the blue water bridge is one of the most cutting-edge truss bridges in the world.
  • Explains that the blue water bridge is unique because it is a major bridge that crosses over the st. clair river, located at the southern part of lake huron.
  • Explains that the arch cantilever truss bridge has brilliant features like upside down towers which extend from the deck to the piers of the bridge.
  • Explains the importance of environmental and geological factors in the construction of a truss bridge.
  • Explains that the blue water bridge is made of steel and beams, which are sturdy materials that make it long-lasting and safe for vehicles to travel on.

In 1985, United States Congress allowed Michigan to increase the toll to gather funds for improvement projects. In 1991, the Federal Highway Administration signed an agreement with the Michigan Department of Transportation concerning toll receipts. This agreement allowed the department to fund annual operating cost of the bridge. The $55 million improvement project was completed in November 1996. The Blue Water Bridge is also unique because of its location. It is a major bridge that crosses over the St. Clair River which is located at the southern part of Lake Huron. As mentioned above, the bridge also connects the United States and Canada. The Blue Water Bridge is special because it won several awards for engineering, public relations, and outstanding technical achievement. The climate surrounding the Blue Water bridge is usually seasonal meaning it changes according to the seasons. However, the climate is always …show more content…

However, before doing this we had to look more into depth on the materials we will use to construct our bridge. We also have to consider the possible environmental and geological factors that should be taken into consideration for our model. Pertaining to environmental and geological factors, there are many stipulations that structural engineers take into consideration before the construction of a truss bridge begins. The main objective of the geotechnical engineers are to protect the lives of others and avoid property damage from happening which can be caused by various geological conditions. Geological engineering uses principles of soil and rock mechanics to find surface conditions and materials.The Geotechnical engineers complete works such as: geological hazard assessments, material properties, landslide and slope stability, erosion, flooding, dewatering, and seismic investigations. These engineers closely examine all of these important factors before constructing a bridge in a certain location. According to Teach, constructing a safe and efficient bridge requires an ample amount of time and energy. Environmental and geological factors play a major role in construction, as

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