The State of Michigan

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Michigan is the only state in the union composed to two separated peninsulas. At the closest point, the upper and lower peninsulas are a mere five miles apart. In the early twentieth century, the only way to make the trip across the five miles of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron was to take a boat ride from one side to the other. As businesses expanded and industry grew, the demand to cross the lakes for travel and commerce purposes grew. The only way to cross the lake was by means of a ferry service, which was unable to keep up with consumer demand. Michigan residents were unable to get convenient and frequent transport between the peninsulas. They needed a consistent, fast, and safe way to travel freely from the mainland to the upper-peninsula. In response, the construction of a five-mile-long suspension bridge to link the peninsulas was set into action. The construction of the Mackinac Bridge was greatly significant to the national economy, the field of engineering, the efficiency of travel, and the historic symbolism of the state of Michigan.

The first and most challenging problem associated with building the Mackinac Bridge arrived long before the bridge was even designed. Financing such an enormous project was no easy feat. In 1928, the idea of connecting the upper and lower peninsulas was proposed to Congress for the first time (Brown 4). At the time, the suspected bridge project was very much under government scrutiny and control. In fact, the initial boost in interest in pursuing the construction of a bridge came about due to the depression. The Public Works Administration (PWA) had been created under President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal economic plan which would fund certain construction projects with th...

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...iewing of the Mackinac Bridge. It is now known by Michigan residents as the “Mighty Mac.” Over the years, the Mighty Mac has seen several iconic moments in history including a wedding proposal in the emergency lane and the sudden birth of a child halfway across the bridge. With each new story, the Mackinac Bridge becomes further steeped in Michigan history and an even greater symbol of the Great Lakes State. The bridge is now a common event location. The annual “bridge walk” attracts over 50,000 participants every Labor Day weekend, but other groups have arranged various crossings. Everything from Harley Davidson Motorcycle rallies to organized Chevrolet Corvette crossings has taken place on the Mighty Mac, as well as a plethora of bicyclist groups. The Mackinac Bridge provides a thrilling passage between the peninsulas and has become the portrait of Michigan.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that michigan is the only state in the union composed of two separate peninsulas. the construction of the mackinac bridge was significant to the national economy, engineering, and the efficiency of travel.
  • Explains that the mackinac bridge was financed by the public works administration (pwa) under president franklin d. roosevelt's new deal economic plan.
  • Explains how the mackinac bridge authority (mba) decided to finance the bridge using private bonds.
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