The Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972

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The Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972 Introduction ------------ The Bloody Sunday was undoubtedly a very traumatic event for the Irish people. Fourteen Irish men did not deserve to die and this was the most horrific attack that took place during the troubles. Feelings of bitterness between nationalists and unionists still last today because of it. The Irish people demanded an explanation on why Bloody Sunday happened and were given the Widgery Inquiry not long after the event. The result of this inquiry did not satisfiy or appease the Irish people as it cleared the army of all charges and blamed the victims of Bloody Sunday for starting the troubles. Improvements in science and technology as well as the existence of new evidence about what happened on the day have led to a new inquiry being set up by Lord Saville. The result of this inquiry has not yet been published but perhaps it may arrive at an interpretation, which may be palatable to all. Source A There have been many interpretations about what had happened on that day of Sunday. Sources A and B are excerpts from newspapers. They were both written on the same day, yet they have entirely differing viewpoints. Source A is taken from The Daily Mail, a conservative newspaper, so therefore it is more likely to favour the opinions of the British Army. When reading it you get the impression that the paratroopers did act responsibly and that they had the situation under control although this is not the opinion of most Irish people. It tries to suggest that it is the victims of Bloody Sunday who caused the event as it mentions an account from one of the officers who was there that day. He claims that they didn’t fire at the marchers until they started throwing nail bombs and acid bombs at the army. This article also brands the new inquiry set up by Lord Saville as “an absolute disaster”. It tries to suggest to the reader that it is

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