The Effects of Bloody Sunday

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The Effects of Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday marked the day of a out lash of great hatred which burns

strong even today.

Bloody Sunday started when the Catholics started a march for civil

rights; better housing and comparative costs for the housing as

Protestants had better housing for the same rent as the Catholics did

even when they had the worst housing. The march also focused on

Interment, and the infringement on their rights because of that;

Interment meant that the police could arrest anybody slightly

suspected of being part of the IRA and committing terrorist acts or is

likely too in the near future.

Mainly Catholics were arrested by these means, though 2 Protestants

were also arrested under interment.

The march was declared illegal, but was carried out regardless of this

fact on January 30th 1972. The English government allowed the march to

carry on, however they put up 27 barricades to stop them marching into

central Derry and into more protestant areas. Ironically the majority

catholic area 'Bogside' was the place where they marched.

The government used soldiers from the 1st parachute regiment, a

questionable group to use as they are trained to kill in battlefield

situations, not generally used in "Riot control", there mission was to

go in and "scoop up" anybody causing trouble in the march, basically

trying to cause a riot.

The soldiers held back firing as resistance unfolded at the

barricades, though tear gas, water hoses and rubber bullets where

fired at the people inciting a fight at the barricades, though these

were a select few, the majority of the marchers carried on through

until they arrived at...

... middle of paper ...

...ange Order's

Drumcree parade; three young brothers are killed in a Loyalist petrol

bomb attack in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim (12 July).

So in Conclusion; both Catholics and Protestants in large majorities

wont accept any new findings the Seville Enquiry can possibly find

regarding Bloody Sunday, the attacks from both sides have carried on

through out time, regardless of attempts to quell the hatred, both

groups believe what they have been brought up to believe, and from

what they experienced both in Bloody Sunday and other events, both

groups wont accept anything the report says, because the Catholics

have reason not to trust the British government due to past events,

and the Protestants wont accept any blame laid upon them because

they'll treat it as a means to quieten the Catholics, rather than the

truth it's self.

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