The Best Treatment Method For Adolescence Depression

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Teenage years are the most formative and often difficult times for children today. Peer pressure combined with personal hormonal struggles can lead to depression. It is estimated that nearly 5.7% of teenagers experience depressive occurrences (Rogge MD & Zieve, MD, 2012). An alarming 77 % of those cases go untreated (Rogge MD & Zieve, MD, 2012) . It is a challenge to identify and treat adolescence depression without sending the wrong message to developing minds. Holistic treatment is the best treatment method for adolescence depression when considering the options available because it treats the entire person. Depression is a disorder of the brain which leads to feelings of sadness and loss of interest in normal activities. (Depression, n.d.) The National Institute of Mental Health lists depression as one of the most common disorders in the world. Depression can affect anyone regardless of age, race, sex and economic background (Ghoulipour, 2015). Diagnosing depression is a difficult task. Therapists rely on the results of blood tests in conjunction with observing behaviors to make a diagnosis of depression in a person. There are many symptoms of depression and they vary from person to person. Common symptoms which are easily recognizable include sadness, chronic fatigue, withdrawal from daily activities and crying spells. Symptoms not usually attributed to depression include irritability, agitation and inability to focus (Ghoulipour, 2015). Teenage depression is difficult to diagnose because it can be confused with what is thought to be normal teenage mood swings. Imagine hormonal changes, while trying to figure out your sexuality along creating your own path in life. The challenge of wearing the right clothes, being a part of ... ... middle of paper ... ... to the healing process and reduce the depressive symptoms. Light therapy is one subtle change that is instrumental in treating depression and is change that can be easily made without anyone noticing (Mathew, 1998 - 2007). The light triggers the thoughts of longer daylight and also helps with Vitamin D deficiencies. Dietary changes are also easy to incorporate into daily life style by adding nutrient rich vegetables. Foods rich in Vitamin B include almonds, whole grains, broccoli, spinach, milk, eggs and yogurt and they are beneficial in improving the nervous system allowing the body to handle stress more effectively. (Mathew, 1998 - 2007). Healthier meal choices will not only benefit the teenager struggling with depression it becomes a life style change for the family. Holistic therapies will create positive changes and improve the overall mindset of a person.

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