The Benefits of Staying a Virgin Until After Marriage

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The Benefits of Staying a Virgin Until After Marriage I'm a virgin, and waiting to share that special gift of human sexuality with that one person I will commit the rest of my life to in marriage (when and if :) A strong foundational supports of a marriage is intended to be the exclusive physical/emotional bond of sexual union. One of the most beautiful ways I think of saving myself for my future wife is looking at it this way: I'm going to love her SOOOO much that right now, as I go through life (even though I don't know for sure who it is I may marry :) I am saving this GIFT. And I want to give this GIFT only to her, a one of a kind, the most precious person I will ever meet. And she DESERVES it. That gift I will have hopefully kept to show her that she is something REALLY, REALLY SPECIAL. And you know what, I know she will appreciate that with her whole heart. In today's society it's a rare and unique person who wishes to save that gift of sexual union for his/her lifetime marriage partner. I would encourage anyone questioning, feeling the peer pressure, the societal pressure, the boyfriend/girlfriend pressure, to wait until you both enter that lifetime covenant with each other. What could be more exciting, more special, more emotional than sharing the wonders of sex with your one true and dedicated love!?! Think about it. Think about the future. Think about your future wife or husband. Don't they deserve your absolute best? It's something that you will remember forever, and what better way to experience it than in a relationship lasting a lifetime. :) 'How does one prepare oneself to lose their virginity? And what can you do to get over being *really* nervous about your first time?' Two inter-related questions, dealing with 'losing it.' *Uggh*. What a horrible term. 'Losing it.' Often popular culture today says 'Go for it, lose your virginity, you're not a man until you do.

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