The Benefits of Producing and Eating Organic Foods

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“You are what you eat” is an old saying which is proven by many researchers. The trend of being healthy and eating healthy is spreading throughout the world. Many researches are being conducted on different methods which can improve and enhance a person’s diet and health. One of the biggest research is being conducted on organic foods. In today’s supermarkets, the trend of going “organic” is the biggest, because the results from those researches are positive. Many scholars believe that going organic will benefit their health and the society around them. The Organic food industry is rising each day and more and more people are becoming aware of it. Therefore, switching to organic is the best choice because it better of the human body, the environment and the local economy.

First of all, what does the world “Organic” mean? Well, Organic simply means how the food is produced and processed. Organic farming is the oldest method of farming, but it has been pushed back since farmers are coming out with new ideas. According to Davidson, “Before the 1940s, what is today called organic farming was the standard method of raising crops and animals”. Organic farming is a method without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides or genetically modified organisms. Instead organic farming uses natural fertilizers such as: slurry, worm castings, seaweed etc. Also, there are two methods which are very popular and efficient to the organic farming system. They are called the pheromone traps and the yellow trap, and both of these methods are very cheap and effective. Animal products which are organic are produced in similar ways, similar plant based products. The animal products also do not use any chemicals or hormone...

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... who ate the modified peanut was vulnerable of having an allergic reaction from it. Therefore, the only solution for this was simply going organic. Organic production prohibits GMO and it keeps it natural.

In conclusion, eating organic foods comes with many benefits for the body and the environment. The trend of organic foods has been set, and more organic producers are coming into the industry. This is very beneficial for the people because the cleaner food they have, the healthier will the upcoming generation will be. The studies conducted shows that the organic foods have high levels of Vitamin C, even though they have the same nutrition value as the conventional produced. However, taking the issue of using chemicals and pesticides into consideration seems to suggest that organic products are better and more beneficial to the human body and the environment.
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