The Benefits of Family Farming

Envision a farm with an abundance of animals and crops. The farm that most likely comes to mind is not one of giant machinery and smokestacks of pollution, but a vision of the old red barn and cows grazing freely. Sadly, these types of farms are mostly gone in the United States. These ‘family farms’ are being replaced every day by bigger, more industrialized farms. It is sad to see such a staple of the American culture being washed away by a type of farm that is being used purely for economic reasons. Family farming is slowly disappearing from the American landscape. We, as Americans, need to realize the importance of family farming because it produces high quality foods and helps economically for the local community.

Family farming has been around ever since there has been farming in the United States. There are two types of farms: family farms and factory farms. Family farms are usually passed down through the family and there used to be many thousands of these farms across the country. These farms do not have to be owned be just a single family either. Sometimes, the farm is just owned by a small group of community members. Yet, still the concept remains the same. Lately, however, they have been replaced with larger, more industrialized farms. These farms, also known as factory farming and collective farming, are actually owned by large corporations and are used for purely economic reasons. The corporations don’t care about the quality of the crop or who gets it. They just want to make the most money possible. Family farms on the other hand actually help out a wide variety of people. Not only do the family farms help grow food for the family in charge, but they also grow food for the local markets allowing them to get healthy...

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... a “natural pesticide” against, in this situation wheat, the crop-killing bug. This is the advantage that family farms have.

Family farms are slowly fading away from the American landscape due to the increasing number of industrialized farms. Yet, there are so many benefits that the family farm brings to the community that it would be foolish to let them slip away. As Americans, we need to do everything we can to support out family farmers because they help the community out in many ways. Everything from local, fresh, produce, to helping keep our land free from chemicals and insecticides are just a few of the tasks they do to help everyone out. Without them, the United States will turn into a place where only few farm, and those who do, farm for an economical motive. America needs the farmer who not only farms for themselves but for the entire community as well.

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