The Benefits Of Field Trips

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Miss Myers I have a superior argument on why field trips are good and why we should do more. A lot of museums are free to get into and free trips saves money which at the same time equals free education for a whole class it’s a win win. Most of the information in museums is found by professionals in that specific field which gives you more of a in depth experience than what a normal teacher would be able to give you. Field trips can also help with the enforcement of rules inside the school which makes a teachers job easier. This is just the tip of the iceberg on why field trips can help students and teachers inside and outside of the school. A lot of places you go are actually free because there are some nice people in this world. Parks are a good place for recreational activity that is fun and enjoyable for most children. Of course not all kids will like one activity so sometimes you need to have a variety of things you can do on that trip. Soccer is a good activity because it requires running across long distances which is a cardiovascular exercise and It can help a lot of kids with their leg strength. Basketball is…show more content…
Kids will definitely behave better to go on field trips because everyone wants to take the day off and go to a museum where you will be shushed if you say one word. People will be much quieter in class because they like field trips I think. Students would be more respectful because they like to go on field trips too. Students will follow school rules because people like field trips so they can’t break rules. People will get better grades for behaving and being respectful which causes them to not go to a community college when they’re older. These were my reasons on why we should go on field trips more and get a better education in

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