The Bar Monologue

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When I clocked in that night at six the bar was surprisingly full. We had our usuals, Davy the troubled military officer, Paul the lonely real estate novelist, Freddy the not so successful businessman, and Phil the kind old man, but there were also many new faces, younger faces. “Hey John, what’s going on?” I ask as I peeked my head behind the bar from the storeroom/employee entrance. “Apparently, it’s the end of some college semester down the street, beer?” John askes already reaching for a glass to pour me something. “Nah,” I reply, “I still haven’t paid you back from the last one.” “Pay? You work here for gosh sakes.” John said filling a glass. “You and I both know that being employed by a bar doesn’t mean free drinks.” I say scolding him …show more content…

In the far back corner sat my own baby grand piano. Okay maybe it wasn’t mine, but seeing that no one else ever played it I feel I have the right to call it my own. I sit on its warn wooden bench and begin to play. Just a short little tune, a common little bar song that I manipulate and punctuate to my liking. Soon I’m playing to a new beat composing my own melody. I was hired to entertain the bar goers, give them something to listen to as they dulled their sorrows or toasted their happiness, and that’s what I did. When I got tired of my improvised tune I paused to rest my hands, and discovered that Phil had moved from the bar stool to a seat at one of the tables closest to my piano. I smile and nod to him, he smiles …show more content…

“Sure it will!” He says setting my now clean glass down, “She’ll prefer you moving and starting a life for yourself rather than living in her basement working at a bar.” He did have a point. “Okay John I will.” I say, then I finish my shift playing piano at the bar. The next morning I approach my mom before she heads off to work. “Hey mom,” I start ringing my hands together a little as I walk into the kitchen where she’s making a boxed lunch for herself. “Good morning sweetie.” She says to me as she spreads peanut butter on some bread for a sandwich. “How would you feel if I moved to L.A. to become a singer or pianist?” I blurt out, to be honest I don’t think I could have lead up to it any smoother though. Hey mom I want to move out and leave you forever, just doesn’t sound right. “Honestly Billy,” she said putting her peanut butter knife down. “I’ve been expecting you to do great things since you were a child.” I was thrown a little off guard, I was not expecting this. No it’s too far, was what I’d thought she would

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