Cattle Drive Narrative Essay

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Narrative Writing Prompt

“ Round’em Up and Move ‘em Out!” and “A Life on the Trail” give information about how life was on a cattle drive. Think about what might have happened if you were actually participating on a drive.
Write a narrative for your teacher about being on a cattle drive. Be sure to include narrative elements such as sensory details, dialogue, figurative language, and description as they are appropriate in your writing. Use details and information from the passage in your narrative.

Writer’s Checklist

My narrative has an effective beginning, middle, and end.
My narrative flows smoothly from one idea to another.
My narrative develops plot, character(s), and setting.
My narrative includes specific and relevant details, …show more content…

All I know is when I woke up I was in my bed. After I woke up and used the bathroom, I went down the stairs to see what mother was cooking. It smelled great even before I reached the kitchen I knew it was bacon, eggs, and biscuits and gravy. Which just happened to be dad and mines favorite. “Morning darling, how’d you sleep?” mom asked as I entered the kitchen. “Great, I haven’t been able to sleep like that in months. It feels good to be home” I responded with great enthusiasm. “Good because I get lonely being the only girl around sometimes, ever since you started going to the boarding school.” mom said sounding a little exhausted. “Yeah I bet, but now I’m home and I can help take some of this work off your hands.” I said wondering if she really had gotten rid of that deadly cold. Because if she didn’t I don’t want to stress her out more with a whole bunch of work I could be doing instead. “Anyways where is everybody?” “Oh there out with the horses. Could you do me a favor and let them know breakfast is done?” “Sure thing mom anything I can do to help.” After everyone got inside and all washed up we sat down and ate the lovely meal mother had prepared for us. After I finished eating I washed my plate and went up to my room to finish unpacking and change. Then I went down stairs again and asked momma if I could go see Thomas my best friend in the whole …show more content…

What happened after that was a blur. All I know was that everyone was crying a lot and then the doctor came back to tell us what was going on. His expression showed no emotion, I couldn’t tell what was going on until he sighed and said “She’s in a better place now” that’s when the water works really started. It took me weeks to calm down and get back to normal and I still wasn’t really myself. Thankfully dad postponed the cattle drive trip, but it’s been weeks and he can’t postpone it any longer so I told him we’d go in the morning. In the morning we started off. My dad appointed me to left point man, because I researched that position for a paper for school. When we set off it was a pretty easy ride and when we finally settled in for the night I had a hard time sleeping so I went to sit by the fire and I finally found sleep. The next morning was scorching hot and the cattle were all over the place we and Thomas kept smiling at each other and then out of nowhere we here gunshots and the cattle take off they were headed right for the cliff and Thomas was trying to get them to turn left when all of a sudden I realize he wouldn’t make it at that moment all I could think about was pushing him out of the way and spare his life. That’s when my thoughts became my actions. Before I knew it I was falling and all I had

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