Meatloaf's Descriptive Essay: A Hot Summer Night

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“On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with red roses? … Yes… I bet you say that to all the boys.” The midnight black ‘85 Mustang roared down the two-lane blacktop known as Route 365 just outside of Rome New York as we headed to Sylvan Beach for one last hot August weekend. Meatloaf’s “Hot Summer Night” blared loudly through the speakers reverberating throughout the car and I glanced over at her as I lit a cigarette. Her arms flailed wildly over her head to the rhythmic beat of the music. Her lithe body deeply tanned, toned, and topless, undulated lewdly as she mercilessly teased the boys in the car passing beside us. I reached over to her then and began to gently caress her left breast, softly rolling her strawberry-tipped …show more content…

I slowed down, turned right, and slid into an available parking space directly opposite the midway. It was then that I stole a glance at Amy*, smiled at her, and shook my head. She caught the motion and turned her gaze to me inquisitively, “What?” she cooed in a playfully whiney voice and I couldn’t help but gaze longingly at her. Her long silky hair, black like the crest of a raven, shone brightly in the sun and gently framed her face in a loose curl. I pulled her to me and kissed her wantonly, savoring the feel of her soft cool skin pressed to my body and the light hint of her cherry lip gloss as it clung fast to my lips. She broke the kiss, slapped me playfully on the arm and giggled “behave”, as she reached down to retrieve the neon blue top to her bikini. I sat in the car and smoked a bowl of weed as she donned her top, reapplied her lip gloss and fixed her hair. As we stepped from the car I took Amy’s soft, delicate hand in mine and our fingers intertwined tightly about one another. While we walked on I inhaled deeply, savoring the myriad of scents that had begun to assault my senses. There is something about the smell of the beach, that “salt air” smell you get by the water, mixed with the heady aroma of vanilla and coconut tanning oil that to this day still elicits a powerfully emotional …show more content…

From Eddie’s restaurant, site of our scandalous PDA, to my friend Jimmy’s camp was eighteen agonizingly long blocks in the sweltering heat. We had finally arrived at our destination, just as Jimmy opened the door to his camp. As we approached the small gray beach house Jimmy had stepped from the enclosed sunporch onto the freshly painted front stoop and tossed me a cold Budweiser, god bless his soul! The red and white beer can which Jimmy extracted from the cooler only moments ago was icily cold and painful to the touch. I had watched as small rivulets of sweat formed along the can from condensation, ironically matching the small rivulets of sweat that had formed on my brow from the incessant heat. I cracked open the beer and hungrily consumed its contents; the ice-cold amber liquid, cool and refreshing had quickly quenched my parched throat. Jimmy looked at us perplexed and asked, “Where’s your car bro?” I pointed back down the road in the general direction of the midway and replied, “I left it in front of Castaway’s.” The blonde, bushy, nesting badgers he called eyebrows shot up a good two inches and he shook his head “you walked here… You stupid bastard!” As we all entered the beach house I extended my middle finger and flipped him off, letting Jimmy know that he was number one with

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