Snapchat Monologue

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“Lara you should get Snapchat it's really addicting”. Oh. My. Gosh, I hear it all the time: Snapchat this, Snapchat that. UGHHH. Dara keeps talking, but I'm debating what I should do. Should I do what I'm not supposed to do and get the disgusting feeling of guilt at the end, or not do it and live with it like that for the rest of my life? RINGGG. The sound of the bell echoed throughout the hallway. “Sorry, got to go to class,” “Okay, bye,” “Lara, what's the answer to 3x < 7+3?". Oh my, I was thinking of what stupid Dara said. Why am I even thinking about how I'm going to get embarrassed in front of everybody? Would people will judge and make fun of me… “Mrs. Diaz, what's the answer? Do you not know? Who wants to help Lara who obviously wasn't …show more content…

This was not that day things were different and I wasn't the only one that noticed that. As I entered the bathroom, I turned the water on and let the gushing water drown my crying down. This wasn't the right thing to do. Even if I felt like I need to be rude back or give back what they gave. As much i wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine, I knew I was better than that I don't want to become as shallow as they were when they did that. What I was going to do was forgive their blunt, meaningless sorries, and find those who will care for me. Those who will want to befriend me for who I am. The next morning, I heard the usual ring of my alarm. I walked on the frosty cold floor on my way to the restroom. The cold floor makes me think of how cold their hearts must be. No. It has to be colder. Once I entered, my head rose to wash my face. My reflection wasn’t a usual look I owned. It was surely not me. My eyes were puffy and all I tried to do to fix that was wash my eyes with cold water thinking it might work. I walked up to the breakfast table it was spread with food that I loved. I let my heart indulge in the food trying to forget how broken I felt. “Goodmorning sweetheart,” my mom was in a very happy mood. I turned to face to her. Before I could say good morning she said “Are you okay?” I replied back, “ Don’t worry It's just because I stayed up doing lots of homework last

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