The Baptists

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The Baptists stands out as an interesting denomination. What attracts me to this particular denomination are their practice and their religious views. Unlike many Christian denominations, Baptists practice adult baptism; they believe that baptism should be for those who have made a conscience decision of accepting Jesus as Lord. As for their religious views, Baptists have an ever-changing view on various issues. In many ways the Baptists denomination is very traditional in their old ways but also they also evolve with the new times. There are three theories concerning the historic origin of the Baptist church. The first is a belief that the Baptist principles had their start in the works of John the Baptist. The second is that modern Baptists owe their beginnings to the Swiss and German Anabaptists movements. Thirdly, that the origin of Baptists does not have a connection with the Mennonites but is associated with the Separatist movement in England during the 16th century. The Baptist denomination started in the 17th century during the Stuart monarchy, in Britain. An assembly of Puritan Separatists that were exiled in Amsterdam began the first distinguishable Baptist group in 1608. This group of radicals lead by John Smyth and Thomas Helwys, arose in England along side the Puritans. They believed that the Church of England had been corrupted by the Roman Catholic tenents. The radicals believed that Anglicanism could not be transformed and that true believers should separate from it. While in Amsterdam, they developed an idea that baptism should be directed to those who could testify that they were a true believer and that their infant baptism had no standing in the New Testament. To this John Smyth led a small clan into denyin... ... middle of paper ... ... being able to be saved. To be saved, one must believe that Jesus was the Son of God, born of a virgin, died for our sins, and that God raised Him from the dead and He will come again. I find most interesting that the Baptist denomination tends to be very traditional, but slowly they are becoming less strict in their ways. They are not part of a large organization; each church is free to choose their own type of worship and who is allowed to be part of the staff. Their views on the Bible are straight forward, believing that the Bible is the word of God, by God and it should be treated as such. Baptists use the Bible as a guide of how to live ones life and what their stance should be on controversial issues. In their beginnings, the Baptists were a small denomination, but through evangelism they have grown into one of the largest denominations in the United States.

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