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  • The Baptists

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    The Baptists stands out as an interesting denomination. What attracts me to this particular denomination are their practice and their religious views. Unlike many Christian denominations, Baptists practice adult baptism; they believe that baptism should be for those who have made a conscience decision of accepting Jesus as Lord. As for their religious views, Baptists have an ever-changing view on various issues. In many ways the Baptists denomination is very traditional in their old ways but also

  • History of Baptists

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    In Baptist history there has always been differences in doctrine. This has unfortunately resulted, at times, to separate believers from one another. This can be evident from comparing two American Baptist confessions. The most notable difference in doctrine between The Philadelphia Confession of 1742 and A Treatise on the Faith of the Free Will Baptists, 1834 and 1948 is the doctrine of Calvinism versus free-will. The Philadelphia Confession supported Calvinism and the Free Will Baptists supported

  • The Baptist Faith

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    The Baptist faith believes in the precepts of Trinity, Heaven, and Hell. Surprisingly Mary does not have a special place in the Baptist religion. They don’t teach the assumption of Mary because Mary is seen as just Jesus’ mother. As for the belief in Saints, they really don’t designate saints because they believe that we all have been saved and we are all God’s messengers. Unlike Christianity, Baptists don’t have bishops or Cardinals. The Baptist religion has a much more loose structure than the

  • Baptist Churches

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    Baptist Churches Calvary Baptist Church, that’s the name of the church I recently attended, and although it was a lot different from my own catholic faith, I enjoyed it very much. The Pastor, Sergio Reyes, started out the service with an opening prayer which led us into a hymn about America and how wonderful our country is. Most of the songs we sang were about America, considering the fact that Independence Day was right around the corner. After a few songs and a few prayers Pastor Reyes got

  • Westboro Baptist Church

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    Kansas-based Westboro Church is a very small homophobic, anti- Semitic hate group that regularly stages protest around the country. The group first started as a non-profit organization in 1967. The Westboro Baptist Church is made up of its pastor, and some of his children and grandchildren. The Westboro Baptist church is well known for picketing places and or events they see as supporting homosexuals or Jews. This group consists of few people. The ones who have children teach them to hate people who are

  • Moses And John The Baptist

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    compare and contrast two biblical figures. The two figures I chose are Moses and John The Baptist. I selected these two important figured because I believe that their stories both shaped and influenced Christianity greatly. I chose Moses because he is one of the first characters introduced. He played an important role in freeing the Israelites from slavery and introducing the ten commandments. I chose John The Baptist because he is one of the best-known people of The Bible. He played a unique role in what

  • The Wesboro Baptist Church

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    The Westboro Baptist Church is an independent, small church operating in Topeka, Kansas. Pastor Fred Phelps leads the church. The church openly professes extremist views, and has gained notoriety from picketing military funerals, stating that deceased servicemen and women are the God's punishment for waging war. They call the U.S the “evil nation.” WBC's internet page,, believes that the church conducts “peaceful demonstrations opposing the fag lifestyle of soul-damning, nation-destroying

  • Baptist Position Paper

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    Baptists: Who? What? Why? Where? When? The article states that little is known about the Baptists and what people know is often misunderstood, even some Baptists are not familiar with beliefs, practices, heritage and history. Many Baptists lack the understanding of what being a Baptist really is, this is due to a mix of denominations in a Baptist church with no background which provides little help towards the understandings of the Baptists. The article states that Baptists of the past hold to the

  • Southern Baptist Hero

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    Bender. He received both bachelors and master’s degrees from Wheaton. He then earned a Doctor of Theology degree from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also earned a PhD from Boston University in 1949. While at Wheaton, Henry was licensed to preach by the Babylon Baptist Church on Long Island. In 1940, he was called as student pastor of the Humbolt Park Baptist Church in Chicago and was ordained to the ministry there in 1941. Henry also released several small volumes on religious thought

  • Baptist Position Paper

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    Baptists: Two Ordinances Baptism and the Lords Supper The article states that Baptists believe that baptism and the Lords supper are symbolic and not necessary for salvation. Although Baptists believe that the two sacraments are symbolic it does not mean they are not of importance, they are of great significance. They are important because of their divine origin and they are not human creations but given by God to assist us in declaring and motivating us to live the Christian life. Baptism offers