Rick Warren: An Excellent Example of Protestant Leadership

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Religious institutions have always been a fundamental piece of American culture, and their influence is evident in many aspects of American life. Especially during the 20th century, the spread of Christianity became more competitive as churches vied against one another to draw in new members. This was particularly evident in the development and growth of conservative Protestant groups. Protestant leaders responded to this competition for followers by developing radically new methods for the worship experience. They used their charisma and entrepreneurial spirit to send their messages to the masses. Protestant leader’s manipulation of these methods of outreach was able to attract many new members to the conservative protestant cause, and encouraged Americans to join these large groups of worship.

The study of the leadership of these large groups is important because their growth has changed American culture. The success of conservative political candidates has proven that conservative Protestants were a dominant force in the American electoral demographic. This growth gave considerable influence and wealth to Protestant leaders, who could not only heavily support a variety of causes, but also throw their congregations behind them as well. These observations raise the question: Who was the most effective leader in bringing Protestantism into the modern era without completely sacrificing the core Protestant values? Though several Protestant leaders made significant contributions to the growth of mass worship in the modern era, Rick Warren was the most effective leader because he modernized his church and spread its influence without sacrificing the core Protestant values.

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