The Argument For Legalizing Same Sex Marriage To Further Equality

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Same-sex marriage has been a widely argued topic for many years, causing tons of controversy across the globe. The two sides pertaining to this debate are legalizing same-sex marriage, or applying a constitutional ban. The largest point of disagreement is whether or not allowing same-sex marriage promotes equality, and not allowing it promotes discrimination. As Americans, we value equality, liberty, and tolerance. Merriam-Webster defines equality as the “quality or state of having the same rights, social status, etc.” This value is one that is societal, meaning it is followed relating to society. It is seen that denying equality promotes discrimination in society, and leaves room for unconstitutional judgment. Within the duties of the United States Constitution, citizen’s rights are protected. Because equality is protected under the Constitution, it is a civil right. Same-sex marriage should be legalized in all states because equal rights should be given to all citizens, not just some.
As stated previously, equality is a social value. Social equality is a state at which all people in a given society share the same status in a certain detail. It entails equal rights, opportunities, and obligations. Although many individuals around the world support ideas that entail equality, it is highly an American value. Robert Kohls of Claremont McKenna College states, “Equality is, for Americans, one of their most cherished values… Most Americans believe that God views all humans alike without regard to intelligence, physical condition or economic status. In secular terms this belief is translated into the assertion that all people have an equal opportunity to succeed in life.” In regards to same-sex marriage, homosexual couples deserve the ...

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