Definition of Marriage Essay

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Recently, people have been arguing with respect to the definition of marriage. To get married is a very important event for almost everyone. Particularly for women, marriage and giving a birth could be the two major events of their lives. Andrew Sullivan and William Bennett are authors who are arguing about homosexual marriage. Sullivan believes in same-sex marriage because he thinks everyone has a right to marry. On the other hand, Bennett speaks out against Sullivan’s opinion. Bennett makes a claim that marriage is between a man and a woman structuring their entire life together. Both authors’ opinions differ on same-sex marriage. Nevertheless, their ideas are well recognized.

In Sullivan’s essay, he argues for accepting same-sex marriage. If the judge accepted homosexuals as citizens in the Supreme Court, homosexuals would feel liberated. People wonder why same-sex couples want to get married. The reasoning is the same as anyone who wants to get married to the person whom he or she loves. It is normal thought. It seems like it should be easy to accept these opinions. However, it is very difficult to accept because marriage traditionally has been between a man and a woman, and this has been the tradition for a long time. Therefore, some religions refuse to recognize homosexuality, but refuting it shouldn’t be seen as a problem because of the separation of the church and state. Same-sex couples want a social right to get married. Some people will argue as society has changed, the definition of marriage should evolve because human values are equal anyone in the world. Everyone should have access to the same rights. Is the purpose of marriage strictly to bring up children? No, there are many married couples who do not have chil...

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... the marriage should be. In addition to this, he does mention other types of marriages such as polygamy and family marriage. If these styles of marriages were accepted in the culture in the US, he would accept them. He argues we should not change this culture because of the tradition of marriage.

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