The Architecture And History Of The Globe Theater

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Kylie McCorkle Heywood English10 Per3 3/5/14 The Globe Theater “The world's a stage,” said the famous William Shakespeare. However, the most important stage in Shakespeare's time was most certainly the Globe Theater. It held some of Shakespeare's most famous plays and it's greatly known for its architecture and history. First off, the Globe Theater was located in Southwark, London. It was next to the Bear Garden, which was a facility for bear-baiting. In the text of The History of Globe Theater it stated, “In Christmas 1598 the company sought a drastic solution: they released a plot near the rose, a rival theater in Southwark, demolished the theater and carried its timbers across the river”(History of the Globe). James Burbage was the man who came up with the idea to build the theater. When the year 1599 was finally here, the Globe Theater was up and running. Next, the architecture of the Globe Theater became a big mystery for many people. According to the article Globe Theater Architecture, “the building was thought to be 20 sided, but recent findings has shown that it was actually in the shape of an octagon”(Globe Theatre Architecture). James Burbage and Dr. John Dee came up with the designs of the theater. The structure was much like the coliseum in Rome. This is said because it had an Elizabeth style architecture, and it was also black and white timbered style. “Two great columns were included in the architecture of the theater which were called 'Herculean' columns or pillars – these were elaborately painted to represent marble”(Alchin). The outside architecture contained many distinctive components. On the same note, the inside of the Globe theater was just as striking as the outside was. An interesting fact is tha... ... middle of paper ... ...or serious injuries” (Alchin). All of this led up to having no Globe Theater. After the fire, the Globe Theater remained nothing for 352 years. It was not until Sam Wanamaker decided that it was time to build a new theater in 1993 near the sight of the original Globe Theater. The theater was completed in 1996, and ready to open its doors in 1997. In the article from Shakespeare's Globe it says, “The globe is as accurate reconstruction of the 1599 Globe as was possible with the available evidence” (Rebuilding the Globe). Therefore, the globe is still the same, but with more safety and modern day technology. It's a popular sight to visit to this day. To sum it all up, the Globe Theater was where Shakespeare's biggest plays were performed. The theater holds significance because of its structure and valuable history. The old nor the new theater will never be forgotten.

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