The Aliens Next Door

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The Aliens Next Door Three of them are on the right side of my bed. I try to holler but I can't. I can't move. I'm scared, remembering the pain from the other times. They fly through the ceiling and out the roof, taking me with them. Next thing I'm in their craft, lying on a table, and I'm cold. I'm naked. They're putting something up into my vagina, and I'm scared they'll leave it there. They wear skintight black coveralls. They look like black grasshoppers. No hair, wide jaw. Black eyes, big, halfway between round and oval. Small openings for nostrils. No ears, just foot-long antennae. A thumb and three long pointy fingers. They're cold when they touch me. They talk to one another and I hear them in my mind. They have a damp, musty odor about them. They roll me over and put a burning hot needle along my spine. They aren't saying anything. I can't cry for help. Afterwards I'm floating out of a craft. There are beings with me surrounding me. I'm not scared. I'm back in bed, drifting off to sleep. They're gone. (Gordon, 82). Many of the world's inhabitants have reported experiences like those of Mary, a hospital administrator, who, at the age of forty-three, remembered her abduction by alien beings through hypnotic regression. (Gordon 82) Many people believe in alien beings from other planets. Many people also believe that aliens have visited Earth in UFOs. A UFO is an unidentified flying object. This usually ranges from an airplane to the much publicized alien aircrafts from outer space. When people think of aliens they usually think of little green men from Mars, other little gray men, or giant monsters. The little gray men are described to be about four feet tall. There heads are large and oval. The beings' eyes are also shaped like ovals, but turned up at the ends like cat's eyes. The aliens have also been described as having long fingers that extend from the wrist. These wrists are attached to extremely long arms connected at narrow shoulder blades. These alien beings are also said to radiate a luminescent aura. The large monsters have been described as anything that can be imagined from the depths of one's soul.

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