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  • Halfway There

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    Halfway There People. Droves of them, hustling off to their appointed gates with seventeen suitcases strapped to themselves like pack mules. All scowling, furrowing their brows. Hoping to get to where they want to go, and with all seventeen suitcases they came with. Me? I only had two bags, but one of them was large enough to be a body bag. Beside me was my cousin, a tall 16-year old, the jock type, with broad shoulders and pimple covered cheeks. He, of course, got stuck carrying my oversized

  • Stories Told Halfway

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    Stories Told Halfway When I was sick I slept all day, in the shifting patch of sun on my bed. I woke up after fourteen hours and I saw that I had taken Sleep into me. And I thought, I understand why they called Sleep a god, why they gave him a face. If you sleep long enough, you let him in. You can feel the way he lifts your limbs and lets them fall again till they learn to hang, loosely, just so. You can feel the way his hands push down on the back of your neck, gently, and the lazy halo he

  • The Process of Opening a Halfway House

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    Solution includes stating the needs and problems that could or would occur then one would give solutions that one could be implemented. Benefits would include an outlined plan as to what benefits to be gained in doing business with this particular halfway house. Credibility and Sample is having a familiarity with clients in the area or having had a previous experience that can give a third-party endorsement that will give one the credibility. Targeted entails communication, which knows the correct

  • Halfway Houses

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    convicted inmates. The facilities are called halfway houses, and they were created to help an inmate that is released from prison transition into a community under supervision. The halfway house program can be a beneficial step in the process of an inmate’s release, and can reap lasting rewards for the inmates, the correctional system, and the communities they reside in. First, the inmate themselves benefit greatly from the opportunities given to them by a halfway house. The first time an inmate walks

  • Philmont Trek

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    to start moving again. I donned my pack and tightened the straps, and after making sure everyone else was ready, started off down the winding trail to the night’s campsite. It was our fifth day in the Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico, the halfway point of the trek. I as the Crew Leader was responsible for the other 11 members of the crew, including 4 adults. I was in charge, and amazingly the adults rarely tried to take over, although they would strongly advise me what to do in some situations

  • The Narrator Merges with Ottilie in Porter’s Holiday

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    narrator finalizes her exile from the story by merging with Ottilie. The storyteller excludes herself throughout the tale by never being identified with a name or origin; she is in a state of “perpetual exile.” The narrator allies herself with Ottilie halfway through the story when she describes a filament connecting them “so that her life and mine were kin, even a part of each other” (427). Here, they become one so that the narrator and her personal life safely disappear from the story. Ottilie “doubled

  • Success Story: Subway Restaurants

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    of Subway in 1974 ( Fred DeLuca wanted to expand and open more locations, he had a set goal of opening 32 shops with in ten years. By 1974 DeLuca owned and operated sixteen locations around Connecticut. DeLuca was just at the halfway point of his goal of 32 shops in ten years. Time was running short with just less than two years to achieve his targeted goal. DeLuca turned to franchising as an option to increase locations ( A Friend of DeLuca was the first franchisee

  • Catcher In The Rye

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    was being taught he refused to try. The professors on the other hand did not agree with Holden’s reasoning. Therefore, he was failing all but one of his classes. Holden had a friend that was a teacher at Pency. He was probably the only person that halfway understood him. The only problem was that Mr. Spencer was old and senile and did not have much pull with in the school board, which meant he did not serve as much help in Holden’s current situation. Mr. Spencer was always trying to prepare Holden

  • Essay on Picture of Dorian Gray: The Rotting of the Spirit

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    it is he who creates his own downfall, not Dorian” (Shewan 36). Wilde introduces Basil to Dorian when Basil begins to notice Dorian staring at him at a party. Basil "suddenly became conscious that someone was looking at [him]. [He] turned halfway around and saw Dorian Gray for the first time" (Wilde 24). Basil immediately notices him, however Basil is afraid to talk to him. His reason for this is that he does "not want any external influence in [his] life" (Wilde 24). This is almost a paradox

  • Comparing Solomon and Gaeynor to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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    sell cloth for making clothes.  They fall in love within a short period of time,  however Gaeynor is not aware that Solomon comes from a Jewish background.  Likewise his family do not know of his Welsh lover.  After he meets Gaeynors family and is halfway accepted by the them,  Gaeynor becomes rather suspicous that he is keeping their relationship so secret,  and that he has never presented her to his family. In Romeo and Julliet a similar barrier stands between the two lovers,  however in this