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  • Alien (1979): Alien: Feminism In The Film Alien

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    Alien (1979): Feminism In the thirty years since its release, Alien has become a film of various debates amongst film theorists. Academic analyses of the film draw attention to many differing themes, most popularly with feminism. Most critiques, academic and otherwise, ultimately conclude that Alien is a feminist film because of its representation of the workplace as a home to equality and a place where traditional gender roles have been obliterated. What is ultimately revealed by Alien is the anxiety

  • Alien 3

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    for the first time a creature as deadly as beautiful, the Alien. This creature and it’s environment, created by the talented Swiss artist H.R. Giger, were the main antagonists from the movie « Alien », directed by Ridley Scott and featuring Sigourney Weaver as the only survivor of the Nostromo crew when the Alien penetrated it. This movie was the first chapter of a cult saga still active these days. From the four movies featuring the Aliens, the third one is considered as the worst one. Even though

  • Oh No! The Aliens Are Coming!

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    Illegal immigrants have been the debate of contemporary issues in the United States, specifically that of Utah. The question for many individuals is what do we do with all of these people coming across our southern borders illegally? Because this is such a hot-button issue, there have been many rumors and ideas about how illegal immigrants generate problems within our society. Truths have been twisted, state and local bills have been passed, and lives have been destroyed on both sides of the debate

  • H.R.Giger's Alien

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    H.R.Giger's Alien "Hollywood's conception of extraterrestrial life was pretty much limited to either whimsical little green men or clumsy bug-eyed monsters. In a gritty future, Scott brought to life Swiss surrealist H.R.Giger's terrifying biomechanical beastie: an acid-bleeding, razor-toothed, overgrown cockroach with an ugly practice of gestating its offspring in human hosts……. Suddenly, space was a pretty scary place to be." (Schwarzbaum, 27) In 1979 an alien was born. Before 1979 the movie

  • Illegal Aliens

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    Illegal Aliens: Friend or Enemy? The illegal alien debate has raged on for several decades; however in recent years citizens have become more aware of the crisis. Illegal immigration is one of the most controversial political issues of today's society. Illegal aliens and their immigration to the U.S. is a problem that needs to be addressed. It is unfair to Americans and to the country from where they immigrated from. Whether they (illegal aliens) take jobs or put a strain on Americans social service

  • Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

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    but also in fear of being in debt due to the prices of health care treatment they need. But what if this patient happens to be an illegal alien? What if the patient has a foreign illness that needs to be cured so it does not spread? Is it morally correct to deny this person treatment because he or she lacks citizenship or a valid visa? Or should illegal aliens be treated just like any other patients by having a right to health care? Throughout the past decade restrictions on eligibility for taxpayer-subsidized

  • Women in Alien 3

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    Women in Alien 3 This morning I was struck by the realization that I've beengoing to movies for fifty years now; starting when I was eighteenmonths old, my mother would take me on a streetcar every Thursday togo shopping, have lunch, and go to a matinee and stage show at thePantages or the Orpheum in downtown Los Angeles. Clearly I likemovies and I usually find something enjoyable even about bad ones.I can hardly remember a time when I have seriously consideredwalking out of a film. But I considered

  • Film Analysis: Aliens and Attrition

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    life, where the world has completely changed due to alien invasion. Through a series of flashbacks, the events leading up to invasion, the first encounters, and the current situation will be revealed. This experience is seen through Colin’s eyes, but still shows how the whole world is affected. Colin, and his friend George Murdoch, had been through a lot together as kids and eventua... ... middle of paper ... ... heavy pouring rain. The aliens instantly began retreating, but the zombies continued

  • The Existence Of Aliens

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    The Existence Of Aliens Do you believe in Aliens or life on different planets? There are many people who believe they seen alien or U.F.O sightings, abductions, crashes and animal mutilations But is this all true? There have been many U.F.O sightings around the world one sighting was on June 24th 1947 Kenneth Arnold was flying over the Cascade Mountains when a set of nine strange looking objects flying across the sky. At first he thought they were reflections of the sun but after looking at

  • Evience of Alien Life

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    outside, or originating outside, the limits of the earth ( ). They are more commonly known as aliens. There are two kinds of aliens that are widely recognized: microbes, and ones with probes. The small life forms of bacteria are being studied and tested by us humans. Conversely, we are being studied and tested by the larger, intelligent beings. There are numerous accounts of animal and human abductions and alien sightings. Also there has been considerable amount of data collected on the microbes. Extraterrestrials