The Adventure Time By Steven Universe

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Steven Universe
Steven Universe is a part of a generation of the most compelling cartoon series produced, reeling in dedicated viewers across a wide demographic board. For plenty good reasons, most powerfully is its subtly social-progressiveness that’s channeled waves of positivity and impacted so many by breaking norms.

Notable for being the first of Cartoon Network Studios’ catalogue of series to have been created by a woman, Rebecca Sugar has also worked on the popular ‘Adventure Time’ as a storyboard artist. Steven Universe is an adventure, and a slice of life when Earth’s not in danger. It features a sweet and short backstory; hero the story is named after is a short, curly-haired and excitable boy whose inherited magic abilities from his late mother. While he figures out the magic ability that sprouts from a crystal gem implanted in his belly, his story humors, includes endearing moments at every turn, and develops into something that unexpectedly, but surely tugs at hearts.

Steven Universe strongest suit is its relaxing fantasy elements. The art is distinct and flurried with vibrant scenery that can stay with the viewer, inspiring a good portion of them to recapture it in various art mediums. Beyond the art, the characters themselves have larger-than-life personalities that are easily empathized with. The crystal gems are a group of 'gems ', their origins are of a magical alien species that have wreaked havoc on Earth for centuries, but they alone have evolved to defend Earth against their ancestral gem origins. The crystal gems are a group of three, there 's the misunderstood, fun-centered, and opposed to exploring feelings, Amethyst; the unconventional, mysterious, and silent leader, Garnet; and lastly, the ambitiou...

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...tially copy-paste creations. Where Disney seems to face challenges in breaking the same figures, appearances and expressions, Steven Universe, succeeds in representing females in a variety shapes, sizes, facial features as well as expressions.

The series has recently reared its second season and there’s a mutual support between the show and its unique range of viewers. Its biggest stand-out factor is its realistic representation of characters, whether powered or unpowered, possess qualities that are genuine, and unaffected by our mainstream society’s attitudes toward identity and gender.

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