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The graphic novel Watchmen written by Alan Moore looks at the world from a different perspective and allows the reader to see a universe that is parallel to the one we experience every day. Watchmen is snapshot of our history in which many alterations have taken place. These particular adaptations hold certain significance since they are comparable to the very reality which we live in. Through these comparisons we can analyze certain aspects of the novel and understand what messages are being conveyed. While reading this fictional novel there is an extraordinarily serious and depressing underlying tone which is prevalent. This dismal portrayal also arises from the characters within the novel and their pessimistic outlooks on the world which …show more content…

Showing what could have happened in history rather than what did. Since this novel is so closely tied with our history and is a modification of that history, we can derive that its intent is to reflect upon those same negative aspects within our own world. In the graphic novel Watchmen, history is adapted and altered through the manipulation of events and the presence of superheroes enabling a reflection of own history revealing cynicism in our human morality.
Catastrophe, bloodshed, and cruelty; all wicked qualities that the graphic novel Watchmen consistently reflects. Why is it that even though superheroes are present in this world, it still manages to display such immorality? This novel is not a typical presentation of what a reality with superheroes would look like. It is expected that in such a world there would be justice, peace, and prosperity which would be perpetuated by these super humans. But unfortunately this is not what is seen in the novel. For example, the police riots which took place in 1977 occurred since police officers felt there jobs were being threatened by the crime work being done by these superheroes. The …show more content…

There particular events which portray such human immorality and that are so relatable to our own historical events is by no means a coincidence. This connection between the historical timing and the unrighteousness which surrounds them promotes the idea that this is prevalent in our own human behaviour. Historically, the novel is very similar in its relation to the cold war. It seems the only major difference is the outcome. Fortunately in our own history the cold war dissolved due to mutually assured destruction. In the novel it was thought that the catastrophic outcome was inevitable and for that reason action was taken to prevent such a result. Adrian Veidt, one of the watchmen and who was referred as to as “the smartest man alive” believed that by causing a certain degree of devastation to his own country by unleashing a giant squid, it would alleviate the tensions between the United States and Russia and therefore result in peace between the two nations, avoiding disaster. This deviation from our history which resulted in the death of millions of people induces the questions: what if this were our outcome? This result of a major death toll could have easily happened during the cold war in our time period. The event in the book shows that humans are capable of such uncompassionate actions and reminds us of

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