The Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants

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It is important to know the history of one’s past. Just where did we come from and why. By comparing and contrasting the Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants, we can see a part of our history. These two covenants mark a grand time in the history of Christians. Both covenants can teach us a lesson in becoming a better Christian and to knowing God better if we pay attention to what God wants us to learn. The Abrahamic Covenant lays the foundation for how the Christian nation was formed. The Mosaic Covenant follows in later years as a reminder of what was promised in the Abrahamic Covenant to the Christian nation. Both covenants are important in understanding the Old and New Testaments as they give us the historical background of the Bible as well as set the stage for the coming of Christ.

Even though God saw people as evil, he wanted to show his grace. He wanted to separate certain people in the world as His chosen people. “He wanted a chosen people: 1. To whom He might entrust the Holy Scriptures. 2. To be His witness to the other nations. 3. Through whom the promised Messiah could come” (Mears 47). This covenant is made between God and Abram. This covenant marks the beginning history of Israel, God’s chosen people.
God calls Abram while he is in Ur. He commands him to leave the country with his family to a land God has chosen. He promises to bless Abram and make his descendants form a great nation. This promise will be fulfilled in the Mosaic Covenant. God makes a promise to bless Abrams personally, and also promises that his name will be well known. This promise will later be fulfilled in the Davidic Covenant. God will bless anyone who blesses Abram, but will place a curse on anyone who attempts to cur...

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...o to be a better person. They both lay the foundation for the coming of Jesus and make it so that one no longer has to make an animal sacrifice to be forgiven of sin. All someone has to do is to confess that he or she has faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

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