The 15 Essential Nutrients

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The 15 Essential Nutrients

Milk is a source of energy plus 15 essential nutrients all working

together towards your good health.

1. Protein for building and repairing body tissues, even bones. Helps

build antibodies to fight infection in your body.

2. Carbohydrates provide the main source of energy in your body cells.

3. Vitamin A for healthy skin, eyes and night vision. Essential for

normal bones and teeth.

4. Vitamin D for optimal calcium and phosphorus absorption. Essential

for strong bones and healthy teeth. Note: At present, vitamin D is

only added to milk and not yet to cheese or yogourt.

5. Thiamin for turning carbohydrates into energy. Maintains a healthy

appetite and helps normal growth.

6. Riboflavin for healthy skin, eyes and nerves. Helps convert food

into energy.

7. Niacin for growth and development, a normal nervous system and

healthy digestive tract.

8. Vitamin B6 helps protein build body tissues. Helps produce red

blood cells and antibodies to fight infection.

9. Vitamin B12 for healthy red blood cells. Helps maintain a healthy

nervous system and digestive tract.

10. Pantothenic Acid helps turn carbohydrates and fat into energy your

body can use.

11. Folic Acid helps form red blood cells and genetic material for


12. Calcium for strong, healthy bones and teeth. Helps your heart

beat, muscles contract, nerves function and blood clot normally.

13. Magnesium for strong, healthy bones and teeth. Helps convert food

into energy and build body tissue.

14. Phosphorus for strong, healthy bones and teeth. Contributes to the

general functioning of your body.

15. Zinc for converting food into energy. Important for tissue repair

and growth.

Dare to Compare!

A brief comparison with other nutritious foods shows how healthful

milk is. A single cup or 250 ml of whole milk contains:

* As much protein as a grade A large egg

* More thiamin, riboflavin and niacin than a slice of 100% whole

wheat bread
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