Texas Constitution Strengths

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The Constitution or the fundamental law is a set of legal texts defining the different institutions of a country and organizing their relationship. Federalism is a political system in which a federal state shares the constitutional powers with member states, sovereign in their own areas of competence. This definition is respected by the U.S. Constitution through its 10th amendment. It guarantees to the states all the powers that are not delegated to the federal government by the constitution. Thereby, to define those powers, Texas has voted his own constitution. This constitution is different from other states’ constitution. Like any human work, it has its strengths and weaknesses, although it has been difficult to change since 1876.
A federal state is constituted of many states with different cultures. The United States Constitution has exclusive and concurrent powers. The exclusive powers are those regarding matters of defense, foreign affairs, oversea trade, and …show more content…

Including the Mexican constitution of 1824, it is the eight constitution in the Texas history. Despite it was written in particular circumstances (breaches of the constitution of 1869), it remains the foundation of state government. The intention of the framers was to prevent abuse due to an excessive power given to the government. Thereby, the current constitution was strengthened by putting all the powers in the hand of the Texans. For instance, the Bill of Rights represents the first article of the constitution. It is lengthier and more detailed than the U.S. Bill of Rights. Texas’ Constitution separates power in tree branches like the U.S. Constitution. However, to prevent an arbitrary and dictatorial governor, corresponding state level cabinet positions are designated by the people through elections. Also, in contrast of many others states where the judges are appointed by the governor, judges in Texas are elected by the

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