Pros And Cons Of The Texas Constitution

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The Texas Constitution is a document that describes the structure and purpose of the government in Texas. It took effect in February 15, 1876 and is amongst the longest state constitutions in the United States. It is the sixth constitution since claiming their independence from Mexico in 1836. Texas joined the United States under the Constitution of 1845 with provisions. Those provisions included allowing Texas to enter the union and begin the first U.S. statehood constitution. In 1861 Texas amended to transfer their statehood to the Confederacy. After the Confederacy was defeated Texas was required to adopt a constitution if they wanted to rejoin the union. The 1866 Constitution Convention emerged with a document but it did not last very long. …show more content…

After the Democrats regained power in Texas they undid the 1969 hated acts and submitted the Constitution of 1876 in which the state of Texas still operates under today. The Constitution is made up of 17 articles, 491 amendments and about 36,000 words. Where as the United States Constitution is only made up of 7,400 words counting the amendments. Over the years the Constitution began to add many unnecessary laws making it look very unprofessional. It is understood these laws were made for a reason at one point but they aren 't needed any longer. Those laws are just taking up space and making the Constitution look disorganized. The Texas Constitution needs to be re-written and modified to fit this era. Despite having no problems with Texas current constitution, it should be re-written because it needs to fit this era, it limits governors executive power, and its

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