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The Texas government is a complex system whose ultimate purpose is to serve its citizens. Oftentimes, its complexity in certain aspects causes problems in its efficiency in serving. The way the Texas Constitution is written, how local governments run, the judicial, legislative, and executive branches’ efficiency, as well as Texas public policy and fiscal policy result in a government that is not set up to best serve its citizens. By 1875 the need to rewrite the Texas Constitution had become very evident, and a Convention was held to rewrite the Constitution. The constitution written then was the fifth that the state has been ruled under, and is the one still in place today. At that point in Texas history, the state was primarily agricultural, and that was obvious by the delegates present at the Constitutional Convention. This resulted in a large percentage of the rewritten constitution being in favor of individualistic political culture; a weaker, more limited state government in which voters have a great deal of …show more content…

We see a great example of this in the article providing for the judicial branch. "The article is now over a dozen pages long, and most of the changes that have been made are of the type that would have been unnecessary had the framers of the constitution stayed with fundamentals, as did the framers of the United States Constitution. The judicial article of the United States Constitution is printed on one page." (Riethmayer, 1941) If the constitution were to be rewritten to be less wordy and provide more of a framework it would be beneficial for running the government under it and accommodating to the ever-changing and growing state of Texas. Ultimately, everything that follows is a result of what was spelled out in that

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the texas government is a complex system whose ultimate purpose is to serve its citizens. its complexity causes problems in its efficiency in serving.
  • Explains that the texas constitution was written in 1875 and was the fifth state ruled under. the rewritten constitution favors individualistic political culture and weaker, limited state government.
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