Terrorism: The Relationship Between Terrorism And Terrorism

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Introduction Terrorism presents significant risks and challenges to the public, government, and the men and women who respond to terrorist acts. Terrorists have the motivation and the capacity to commit an attack around the globe. Recent acts of terrorism are the attacks on the World Trade Center in 1993 and 2001, the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, and the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in 1996. The list of terrorist attacks will likely grow as terrorist become increasingly sophisticated by technology and training.
Definition of Terrorism Terrorism can be defined in different ways. The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines terrorism entirely. “The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or
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Attacks with a large amount of causalities like the attacks on 9/11 are a rarity due to the large amount of materials and resources needed to accomplish a large-scale assault. It is important to remember that most terrorist attacks are made possible by a lack of security and defense. The attacks on the Twin Towers were lucky for two reasons. "In the first attack they were accessible because of inadequate security; they stood out rather like sitting ducks" (brief 12).
Relationship between Criminal Activity and Terrorist Acts
Terrorism and crime are related because many terrorists are often involved in illegal activity to undertake a terrorist activity. “They maintain themselves with illegal documents, committing burglary and robbery, dealing drugs, committing fraud, and so on”(Newman & Clark, 2008, p.34). Terrorist engage in criminal activity to maintain an underground lifestyle to fund everyday expenses while they search out targets and weapons for their terrorist acts. Both acts contain two common elements. The first is crime and terrorism has a systematic set of steps that need to be satisfactory to carry out the task. The second is crime and terrorism needs an opportunity to exist to provide an
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The definitions of terrorism seem to be varying depending on the time, place, and level of terrorism committed all of which have the same intended purposes.
The outcomes of terrorism result in casualties and property damage. After the initial shock of a terrorist attack, there is a post-traumatic effect of fear of future attacks remain. Terrorist use these attack to display animosity toward the intended target. Outcomes are often based on opportunity and the level of attention the attack will receive.
The relationship between crime and terrorism has striking similarities. Terrorist engage in illegal criminal activity to as a typical criminal would. The difference is terrorist are using illegal criminal activity for sinister purposes.
First responders’ role after a terrorist attack is to save lives. Plans are often put into place by agencies such as FEMA, FBI, and the US Department of Justice to have an organized response of personnel and equipment after an attack takes place. All of the state and federal resources are activated when a disaster is declared at the site of the
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