Terrorism In Pakistan Essay

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Terrorism in Pakistan
Terrorism in Pakistan has affected many lives, families, societies, states, countries, and the world. Innocent lives have been taken away from God's world because terrorists are trying to make a point to specific societies. These points are mainly political, but result in death of many lives from the act of violence. Pakistani terrorism has occurred internationally and nationally. Catholics do not agree with these acts of terrorism because they result in the death of people. Catholics also believe that there is another way to settle international disputes over politics. Terrorism can be stopped, if and only if people, governments, and societies take action into making peace in our world.
Terrorism has a tremendous impact on society. It is a rational act of violence and its purpose is to change behavior in a specific society. Terrorism is a political act that is meant to achieve a goal through the act of violence. The nature of terrorism is the nonselective targeting of individuals or a group in society with a goal. The intentions of

Wanner 2 terrorist is to not kill the individuals who die during the attack, but to affect the society it directly attacks through violence.
Pakistan is the basis in the international fight against terrorism to this day. Many Pakistani terrorist groups have made many terrorist attacks around the world. Pakistan faced the choice siding with or staying against the United States during the aftermath of 9/11. Violence in Pakistan has increased for many years as terrorist groups have targeted many political leaders, tribal leaders, the military, and also schools. Pakistan is divided into people who see the country as modern and/o...

... middle of paper ... believe that terrorism in Pakistan can be put to an end, obviously resulting in the stop of the acts of terrorism that the Pakistanis take action in. These acts of terrorism result in the death of people, in which the church does not at all accept and neither do I. With a huge impact on society, terrorism is one of the most important moral issues because of what has caused it and the effects of those causes. Terrorism is an act that meant to achieve a goal. For Americans, 9/11 did not achieve a goal, but to al-Qaeda (and possibly other terrorists groups) it did achieve a goal. Those goals must not be for the common good because they mainly result in the death of many lives. Terrorism in Pakistan affects or has affected the whole world in some way, and putting an end to this issue could result in a more peaceful way of living and more peaceful political disputes.
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