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The Cold War is a war that was a period of political and military tension between both the United States and The USSR. The United States had its NATO allies, while the Soviet Union had its Easter Bloc. This tension lasted for about 40 years until the fall of the communist Soviet Union. The United States and the Soviet Union were the only superpowers in the world with many economic and political differences. The Soviet Union was communist which meant that everything belonged to the Soviet Union. The United States is a democracy which meant governed by the people. This differences created a lot of tension between them. The Cold War created a Red Scare in the United States from 1947 to 1957. This was known as the second Red Scare. A Red Scare is a fear of the rise of communism. During that time many people believed that many of the United States leaders were
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communist. Therefore, this lead to a lot of dysfunction between the people and the government. This lead to many committees being made in order to avoid communism from spreading into the United States. One of these committees was led by Senator Joseph McCarthy. The committees goal was to end communism inside the federal and state governments. Many people who worked for the government were believed to be communist. …show more content…

Cuba asked The USSR to do so and the USSR accepted it. The United found out so they set out a military blockade in Cuba. They also wanted the missiles that were now in Cuba to be dismantled. This was an important standoff between two world powers because both wanted to demonstrate their power. If both sides did not agree to any of the terms both side offered they both would have gone to war. That war would have cost thousands of lives because it would be the first ever nuclear war. In order for Russia to not station nuclear warheads in Cuba, The United States agreed to dismantle their warhead in Italy and

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the ussr agreed to place nuclear warheads in communist cuba and set out a military blockade in cuba.
  • Opines that russia can be viewed as bad, but they will always be remembered.
  • Describes the cold war as a period of political and military tension between the united states and the ussr.
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