Cuban Missile Crisis Essay Outline

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" We were eyeball to eyeball, and I think the other fellow just blinked" (Shmoop). This is one of the most famous quotes American History, and it described the Cuban Missile Crisis

perfectly. This was the time when the United States plunged into a state of tension and silent pain

with The Soviet Union. Both sides were ready to fire their nuclear weapons, and Cuba was in the

middle of it. The Cuban Missile Crisis was caused by uproars started by Fidel Castor; because of

those conflicts, it was the closest the world's ever been to nuclear war.

This is how it all started; on January 1959, Fulgencio Batista, an American backed

Cuban Dictator was overthrown by Fidel Castor. The main problem was that the United States

had a navel based, Guantanamo, was a vital asset to Cuba. Then when Castor came into power,

everything of the Americans was shut down and the economy dropped. So Castor planned a

widespread revulsion against this humiliating position. As an outcome of this, Americans were

deeply detested on the island. Castor's fame grew all over the island, but to the United States he

was a threat. So President Eisenhower assumed that Castor was a communist, so there was

attempts to kill Castor or destroy his end game, but all attempts failed. This made him very

bitter toward the U.S and made him close to the Soviet Union (Swift) .

Then on January 1960, when President John F. Kennedy was elected, Castor thought that

these threats would stop but he thought wrong. President Kennedy still attempted to destroy

Castor but after many fail attempts like the Bay of Pigs and Operation Mongoose, the Kennedy

administration was humiliated. Things got heated on April 1962, the Soviet Union began to


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...he Cuban missiles in exchange for a promise by U.S. leaders not to invade Cuba. The

following day, the Soviet leader sent a letter proposing that the USSR would dismantle its

missiles in Cuba if the Americans removed their missile installations in Turkey." Few says later

the Americans agreed to those terms and conditions. With that this chapter of the Cold War came

to a close on October 28th ( The Cuban Missile Crises ) .

" We were eyeball to eyeball, and I think the other fellow just blinked " ( JFK ) , this

quote will always resonate with all Americans will lived through those horrifying years and

months. This will always be the biggest standoff by the biggest superpowers in the world. Many

people say that you will never know how close we came to a nuclear war. It was started by a

nation seeking revenge but ended with two nations being mature.
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