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Teenage suicide has become a big issue in our community, it is the lack of prevention to help reduce the rate of teen suicide that the community deficient in, which is why more students and schools are coming together to help spread awareness.
Suicide has become a big issue in today's generation, especially for teens. Suicide is now known as the third leading cause of death among youth all around the world between 10 and 19 years of age. Teens are more prone to suicide because of the many difficult risks they may face today, for example many teens face bullying in their schools, self esteem problems, family dysfunction, drug addictions or it can be the simple fact that they are not mentally stable or have a mental illness like depression. However, suicide is preventable. Many teens who may be contemplating suicide frequently give signs, or approach in a different behavior. Some of these signs may include, suicidal threats, prior suicidal behavior, self harm acts, or change in behavior. It is crucial that parents, educators, and friends or family members notice these signs before the teen makes an effort to conduct an irreversible act. Many schools are taking role in suicide prevention, most school staff members and personnel have worked on creating the school a secure environment where the students feel safe on sharing such information, by having trained school counselors or administration to intervene when they have identified a teen at risk of suicide. The school immediately takes action by informing the teen’s parents or guardians and calls them in to talk about precautions to take to help their child from suicide. The school and parents of the teen then consider on follow up counseling for the student, and the parents/guardi...

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... of character. Show how much you truly care by helping prevent a suicide. Don't let someone you love become a statistic. Help now before it's too late.

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